Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today

Today was a great day! I woke up with a smile on my face. I thanked God for another day he gave me because everyday he gives us, is truly a gift.

We were planning on checking out a new church today, but we checked out their website and their ways of worshiping is a little too much for us. So we were bummed that we couldn't check it out. We've been in a limbo since our pastor from our other church had a different calling and wasn't going to preach at our church. I loved him. He was so honest and so genuine. Oh, and they decided they were closing that church and were going to move it to the main one that's a little far from our house.

Anyways, the hubs and I were cleaning the house today because we had a showing this afternoon.
           ---Quick recap; We are trying to sell our house and move to another that has a bigger lot. We love our current house, but the backyard just isn't as big as we would want it to be. We would love to have a pool and an outdoor kitchen, if possible. So on the weekends we get a lot of families wanting to see our house and we have to have it "show ready."---
While we cleaned the house, I got distracted by a bird. No, it wasn't just any bird. It was a hawk! This was the second day he's come to stand on our fence and just stare at me. He was so beautiful and majestic. The first time I saw him was two days ago, but I didn't have a chance to take a picture of him because one of my dogs scared him away. I was really sad I didn't get to take a picture. I finally got a good picture of him today. We were both staring at each other and it gave me chills.

Isn't he beautiful?
Second day he comes by to visit me
So I'm always the one to research on meaning of things and I did a research on what it meant to have a hawk come "visit" you. Here's what I found out.

-Hawk is a messenger of the Creator/Great Spirit/God. The Hawk wants you to be aware the Creator is speaking to you. Take notice. Only you know what the message is. 

-The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

I researched a lot and what I found out meant so much to me. It spoke right to my heart. I feel as though God is trying to tell me that I'm where I'm meant to be, at this very moment. I'm going to be checking everyday for the hawk to come by and visit me.

After we cleaned our house, took our puppies to the doggy park while the family checked our house out. Our dogs love the park we take them to. On a nice day like today, there are sooooo many different dog breeds and I have fun naming as many breeds as I can and petting them. Ha! I love dogs.

Chief, our black lab

Sarge, our little mutt
Sarge playing chase with two other doggies

My fur baby and I

They were both tired about 45 minutes of playing with other dogs, so it was time to head back home. We went home to drop them off and the hubs and I headed to Whole Foods for a Day Date. Whole Foods is lots of fun because they have a deli/salad bar/pizzeria and a beer/wine bar. Also, I wanted to get a few things for the week and I wanted the hubs to come. He hates grocery shopping and I bribed him with a beer and pizza while I shopped. We both win!

The hubs and I

Why so serious, mustache man?

Pizza, beer, and a glass of wine

My day today was not planned at all. If you know me, you know that I need to plan everything to the T. It wasn't planned, but oh what a wonderful day I had. Thanks to my hubs for always wanting to make me happy and wanting to see me smile. I am truly blessed and I should never take any second of my life for granted.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! Don't forget to follow my blog and follow me on blogloving so you don't miss a single one of my post. Much love!

-Mrs. B


  1. What a great day! Amazing to know that God is directly speaking to you!

    1. Thank you Kelly! I agree. He is always speaking directly to us, but it's us who forget to open our eyes and see. God is just so amazing :)