Wednesday, December 10, 2014

But If We Go, We Go Together

Happy Tuesday to you! It's such a beautiful day in my city. Blue skies and 65 degrees. Hanging out at the car wash, getting my SUV a much needed wash. I think I spend more time at the car wash than I do at my house. Pretty sad they know me here, haha!

Gorgeous day to get my car washed
I have lots to write about today. I think I left off where the hubs and I were going to go see The Nutcracker. The last time I went was years ago, so it felt like it was the first time I've seen it. It was just as beautiful as ever! It's one of my favorite ballets. The hubster even liked it, but he won't admit it. The only complaint he had was about the guys' tights...oooookay. It was my Christmas present, and he did pretty good with purchasing the seats. So thank you very much bunny!

The seats were perfect! Not too close or too far.
Before we went to the ballet, we went and had dinner at a new restaurant. We went to Uchi, which is a very modern, but awesome sushi restaurant. They have a very interesting menu, but delicious. It was out of my hubs' comfort zone, that's for sure. I loved to try new things, he does too, but when it comes to food, he's a little picky. Well, we both loved it and it won't be the last time we eat there. I give it 5 stars!

Kara Kyuri: Cold Sake, Cucumber, and Thai Chili

Machi Cure: Smoke Baby Yellowtail, Yuca Crisp, Marcona Almond

Dewbee Chicken: Short Grain Sweet Rice, Banana Leaf, Thai Chili Vinegar
Everything was delicious! We didn't have enough time to try other items because we had to be at the ballet before 7:30, or they don't let you in. The best time to go is for their Social Time AKA Happy Hour, so you can try a lot of different items from their menu without breaking the bank. 

On Monday, I went to visit my sister and my cutie pie, nephew. It had been a while since I've visited them and I really missed them. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other every day. Took them to Brick House Tavern + Tap for lunch. She's never been before and I think she liked it a lot. It was a quick visit but lots of fun!
My sweet little nephew

Then, I surprised my hubs at work by picking him up and headed home to get ready for our other nephew. We took our nephew out to dinner for an early birthday celebration because we will be out of town on his actual birthday (he is turning 9...eek!). It was his first time to experience Hibachi and he thought it was sooooo cool and said he couldn't wait to tell all of his friends. Then we took him to Toys R Us for him to choose a few toys. We told him that this would be our tradition from now on and he LOVED the idea!
My other sweet nephew at his first Hibachi experience.

So far my week has been a pretty great one. I love all of my nephews so much and I love being an aunt. They make my heart so happy! God has truly blessed me.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are enjoying your week so far. Don't forget to leave a comment and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin'. God bless!

-Mrs. B


  1. How far does your sister live from you? I think it's so neat took your nephew out to eat and Toys R us for his birthday! My son loved going to Hibachi too! He got more of a kick out of it when he was younger. Great day!

    1. Sandra, my sister isn't too far. She's about 20 miles from me? I think...but it's just that she doesn't have a car, so I'm always the one driving to her place and traffic is crazy in her area and it just stresses me out. Yes, he loved it! Oh I bet when they are younger it's a lot of fun because it's something new to them :)

  2. Sounds so fun! I missed the nutcracker this year! :(

    1. I had so much fun! Oh no! There's always next year :)