Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Knew The Pathway Like The Back of My Hand

Happy Saturday to all! Do you have any plans on this beautiful day? J and I are taking our pups to the doggy park because we have a showing. I might squeeze in a run while J watches the dogs. Then later this evening, I need to get dolled up because my wonderful hubs bought tickets for us to go watch The Nutcracker. It's my Christmas present. I went a looooong time ago and I used to watch it on PBS for their Christmas special. I love The Nutcracker! Before the ballet, we are going to go have dinner at a nice restaurant. We still don't know where. It's between Sambuca (which I love!), Artista (never been, but he has), or Spindletop (which I love as well). Help us decide, please!


inside of Spindletop (it spins the whole 360, hence the name)


While we decide where we want to go have dinner tonight, I can tell you guys about my lab results from my blood work. Remember a few weeks ago, I went to see my fertility doctor because he wanted to check if there was something else causing me to have miscarriages? Well, he got the lab results back. It turns out I have MTHFR mutation. MTHFR (MethylTetraHydroFolateReductase try saying that 5 times) is a genetic difference that affects 30%-50% of the population (so you may have it but don't know you do). This takes into account all of the differences that happen to the gene that makes enzymes MTHFR. This means in simple terms, that the body has difficulty converting folic acid, one of the b vitamins, into methylfolate. So what my doctor wants me to do to try to help this problem, is to put me on Folgard twice a day, which I'm researching about and do not like what I am finding. This will supposedly help with folic-acid absorption. I will also have to take 1 low dose of baby aspirin every day to assist with blood flow to the uterus, which they find also helps with women who are deficient in folic-acid absorption.

So with out boring you with any more of the details, they just seem to keep finding all these awesome defects (sarcasm) in my body. I am thankful that I have a great RE that will look further into my infertility problem and he is doing everything possible to try to help me out. 

On that note, he's not giving up on me and I am not either. I know God will guide me through this bumpy journey. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. Go out there and enjoy life! God bless!

-Mrs. B

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  1. I just saw this post! Still praying! Things will turn around, ib just know it!