Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Knew we were born to get together, born to get together

I can't believe I'm about to type this...I am 30...3 decades old...the big 3-0! Like, whaaaaa?! Where did the time go? I remember like it was yesterday that I had just turned 21. But, so far, this whole turning 30 isn't so bad. I am so grateful for another year that God has gifted me. God is good indeed!

I had a fun birthday weekend celebrating it with a bunch of awesome people. My hubs made reservations at Top Golf (cause I love to Golf and Top Golf is a fun driving range). I felt so blessed to have a few of my family members and best friends join me on Saturday. The food and drinks were amazing. We had wings, sliders, and some yummy tater tots. My hubs bought me a white chocolate raspberry bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. It's one of my favorite flavors from there. If you've never had one, please do yourself a favor and go buy one, like right now!

**We did have a little accident while at Top Golf. My best friend crossed the red line as the same time that her boyfriend (our best friend as well) had swung and he whacked her on the head. It looked and sounded worse than it was. Thank God she's doing well, but we were really worried. The ambulance came and checked her out and they told her that she wouldn't need any stitches. I've been checking up on her daily and she said she still feels no pain! What a trooper! Never a dull moment at my birthdays haha! I love you Twinkie!**

Well, I'm not going to bore you with all the details. So enjoy looking at my pictures from my birthday weekend!
Getting ready to swiiiiing!

Girl talk! I love these girls so much!

Hit it Jilly bean!

I've known these crazy kids for over 10 years! Love them

Catching up with some good ol' friends
I had to buy another golf glove because my other one had to be retired

My lovely in laws!

Isn't a pretty blouse? My MIL knows my style. Thank you!

Ugh..bad form! My legs are too far apart. I was just posing on this one

My cousins, hubs, FIL, and MIL

Love my girls!

I love this one of my in laws and I 

After, we all headed back to my house for some pizza (Yes, I love pizza that much! Haha) and games. Oh and pass the cute baby around game ;) She is just so adorable!
Just look at that face! No one can resist her cuteness

With her daddy!

Twinkie and baby H!


I love my hubs' smile here. He loves this baby!

Mr J, what's on your face? Haha!

Mommy and baby H! Cute!

Beautiful just like her momma!

Oh Marcus! Silly

Her facial expressions are the cutest!

Me and my Jilly bean!

Two of my besties!

Obligatory selfie for Sindi's birthday

I love this! And yes, it was barely 9pm and it was time for bed...yay 30! Haha

Ok, last one of the cutie patootie!

Thank you hubs for making my day a very special and memorable one. I love you!!!
Thank you to my family and friends for making my day a special one and for my gifts! I loved them all, especially my Cowboys Build-A-Bear I got from our great friends, Mick and Ruby. I truly had a fun time and I feel so blessed to have you each and everyone of you all in my life. Love you all! And you beautiful person reading my blog, thank you for the support! Don't forget to follow me to keep up with my updates. God bless!

-Mrs. B


  1. It was such a wonderful time! Thank you again for having us! Hallie loves you guys!!! Aaand, I love those pictures! Some of them will for sure be making it into her 6-9 month baby book!

    1. I'm so glad you all had a good time! Oh good! I have more I can email you 😊 I took soooo many! Haha!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Beautiful pictures too! Welcome to the 30's club!