Monday, January 19, 2015

It might not be a lot but I feel like I'm making the most

Happy Monday to you all beautiful people out there! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! 

On Saturday evening, we went to have dinner with the first family I ever nannied for. In my previous post, I had mentioned that I took care of The Heidecker's girls when they were only 2 and 4 years old. Now Chloe is 10 and Sarah is 14! Boy, I feel real old now...haha! They invited the hubs and I to have dinner at their house. Carol, the mom, made a delicious New Mexico style hatch green chiles chicken enchiladas. She made sopapillas to eat the enchiladas with. I've never eaten them that way at all and it was delicious! You half the sopapillas in half and stuff them with the enchilada filling. Then if you still have some sopapillas left, you eat them with a little honey, like dessert. Yum! We had a few glasses of wine and reminisced about when the girls were little and how they remember all the fun things I used to do with them. So sweet that they remember all the fun things we did together.

Such a beautiful sunset

I do love my Texas sunset

Sarah on the left and Chloe on the right

Giving Ms Sindi some lovings!

The whole family. I'm so glad we've kept in touch all these years

Such a beautiful, kind, and Christian family. Thank you for making me a part of your family
We had so much to talk about that we didn't leave their house till 2 am! We ended over sleeping on Sunday morning and couldn't make it to a new church we were supposed to try out. I hate missing a day of church, but we will try the new church this Sunday coming up. Have a wonderful Monday! God bless!

-Mrs. B

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