Wednesday, February 25, 2015

and when the sun brings in the morning I know today will be better than the last

Hi! Do you remember me? Haha! It's been a while since I've been here. In the blogging world, a day of no blogging is like a year. I'm serious. So the last time I posted something was a few days before Valentine's Day, that puts me at about 14 years...haha. I have a lot to catch you guys up on. Are you ready? I'm going to break it up in a couple of posts cause it's A LOT. Are you ready? Ok, let's goooooo!

For Valentine's Day, the hubs and I decided that we weren't going to do anything. We were planning on staying in our PJs, watch some netflix, and drink a couple of beers/wine. Well, that didn't turn out like we planned. Instead we took the pups to the doggy park. I mean, how couldn't we? It was such a beautiful day, plus they had such a great time.

A ladybug landed on the hubs' hairy legs ;) It's a sign of good luck!

Afterwards, we headed home and the hubs surprised me with some beautiful Peruvian Lilies from ProFlowers. They were pretty strict about how to care for them. I was excited to watch them bloom a little everyday. 
 We were going to make our own pizzas and grill them, but we both ended up craving some crawfish, because it's crawfish season here in the south, y'all! We decided to go to our favorite place, BlueWater Seafood. If you haven't been there, you need to check it out. Run, don't walk there!
I love having a glass of wine while I get ready. 

We weren't going anywhere fancy, so I just had a t-shirt and jeans on, of course, with some pretty flats.
Oh and we started our fertility treatments again 4 months after the loss of our sweet baby boy. My RE wanted me to have a few months for my body to get back to "normal." I wish my body was "normal." That it could do what it's meant to do. Ugh...end of vent. So anyways, I have to inject myself with Bravelle every night at the same time. This time it happened that we were going to dinner at 7pm. So it's time to inject myself. Yep, this has become the norm for us, sadly.

This is what infertility looks like.
 BlueWater is ALWAYS packed, but fortunately the odds were in our favor. We got a parking lot up front and found a spot that our awesome bartender held for us. We actually like seating at the bar because we get fast service. 
The hubs wanted to try their special Valentine's Day drink; Crush-arita. It was yummy!

We always order a dozen of raw oysters to start off. Yum!

I usually eat about 6 crawfish and then I'm full. Not this time. We ordered 7 lbs!

I can't believe we had room for some banana pudding. It's our favorite dessert.

I love my wonderful hubs. He's the best!

On day #3 the flowers are finally blooming

Day #6 and Sarge loves the pretty flowers
 My sister and nephew came to spent the night last Thursday so we could go to the zoo early next morning. We have a season pass to the zoo and we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather. 
I made my sis a "margarita" with Hubert's Lemonade. It was delish!
 I made a central american Chow Mein with Shrimp like my mom used to make. It brought back so many memories. So yum! 
My nephew loved the Shrimp Chow Mein I made.

My big boy!

I love him so much!

Poor little guy was pooped!
After the zoo, I was craving some boba. For you all that don't know what boba is, it's tapioca balls that you can get in milk tea. My favorite is the coconut milk cream with boba. So good! I love getting the real boba drinks from teahouses because they have the cute little cartoons on the plastic tops. Well, to my surprise, I got 2 angels. It seriously made me cry. It was a sweet reminder of my 2 baby angels in heaven. Little reminders like these make my heart so happy because I know that God is letting me know that they are in a better place and watching over me. What a wonderful reminder.

My Jamieson and my other baby. My two angels <3

So, you know I love letting you guys know every time I post, what my favorite thing is. What I'm loving right now is these new Pop-Tarts. It's PB & J Strawberry. Sooooo good. Yeah, it's not GF, but oh well...I'll deal with my tummy ache later. So try it out if you are a PB&J fan like me.

Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty! PB&J Strawberry

Well, there ya go! Thanks for stopping by and hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones. Remember, you don't need a date on the calendar to show your hubs, friends, or family members how much you love them. Every day should be Valentine's Day. Love you all and God bless!

-Mrs. B


  1. Oooh! Ladybugs are good luck! I had 3 land on my car the day Christopher proposed and 1 the day I found out about Hallie!

    1. Aww!! I love it Kelly! Thank you for that 😘 I love ladybugs. J almost smacked it and I was like "nooooo!!! It's a ladybug!!" He thought it was a tick! Haha