Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm good, I'm good, I'm good livin' life just like I should wouldn't change it if I could, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good

Hey all! It's Friday!!! Woohoo! Do you guys have any plans this weekend since tomorrow is Valentine's Day? The hubs and I are actually just going to take it easy tomorrow and hang out in our PJs all day long. He said he's going to make me dinner, so I'm wondering what could he possibly make me since he doesn't cook...haha! Should I be scared?! Anyways, tonight, we are going to go hang out with a very good friend of ours at her house. I bought 4 Costco pizzas to bring to her house. She has 3 boys and they eat like no ones business, so hopefully the 4 pizzas will be enough. Plus, my hubs eats like a teenager as well. It's going to be a fun night with her and her kiddos! 

So I made my hubs a Valentine's Day bouquet. It's actually socks and underwear bouquet! I think I did a fantastic job! Thank you Pinterest for the idea. Don't you just love Pinterest? It has so many gift ideas, it was really tough to choose which one I wanted to make. 

I made these sharpie mugs for my sister in law and brother in law. I've never called myself crafty at all, but I am pretty proud at how they came out. Again, thank you Pinterest!!

This one was for my other sister in law. 
My nephew's middle name is Bear, so this seemed suitable for her. I love it!

Another Sharpie mug

I used oil based Sharpies and baked them for 30 minutes on 425*F 
This week has been a crazy busy week. I've been to my fertility doctor 3 times in a row this week. The new doctor thought that I might have to have another hysteroscopy and possibly a laparoscopy, and if I did have a septum in my uterus, have that shaved. Sounds painful huh? Well, my regular RE wanted to see me again and turns out it's just my heart shaped uterus. Gotta love that crazy uterus. Anyways, thank God I won't have to have any surgery at all. I did, however, had to get my prenatal blood work done since it "expired"? Yeah, I guess I will have to get it done once a year. 
Eh...doesn't phase me anymore.

Yay! Blood work! Haha, it's so second nature to me now.

Yesterday, I went with my friends to have their kitty cat checked out at the vet (which used to be my cat, but we couldn't keep her because of my allergies). She hasn't been doing well. Stopped eating and just slept more than usual. We left her overnight so she could get some fluids to drain out her kidneys from bad toxins. She has been doing way better than when we took her in. She's such a sweet cat, my little Sidney. After the vet, my friend was craving Mexican food so we went to Hugo's for lunch. The last time I was there was like 2006. I forgot just how yummy their food is. We all got different items and shared it which each other. Enjoy the pictures!
I don't like margaritas much, but hey, it's 5 o'clock some where, right?
My meal was a flank steak quesadilla with watercress salad. Yum!

My friend had a stuffed bell pepper with chicken and pomegranates. Delish!

My other friend had Cabrito, which is either sheep or goat...I have no idea! Haha. It was my first time trying cabrito. It was ok. 
Oh and when I came home from running around, I found my 4th Stitch Fix at my front door. I always get so excited when I get things I ordered. It's like Christmas all over again! So here's my review for my 4th one. Oh and by the way, I went on their website and changed a few of my preferences and I think that did a huge of a difference this time around. Plus, I added "Maternity" to my "likes" though I am NOT pregnant, so I don't want anyone to start getting ideas. I just wanted to try and see what it was all about because the clothes are not labeled Maternity, they just choose things that are stretchy and loose so you can use them for when your belly is growing.
4th Stitch Fix
I do love that they give you a little guide line on how to wear their clothes.
When I first saw this dress, I wasn't too sure.

I actually am in LOVE with this dress. It fits like a glove, it's soft, and it grew on me. It's a keeper!
It's a cute top, but I have so many like this and it's not worth $48 

This would be a cute top for when I am pregnant and my belly can grow in to it.

I love this top, but I know that I'll probably end up wearing once because it will get damaged.

This top was really cute, a bit big on me, but I liked it. 

These pants are XS but really long. They were really comfortable though.
The bill, if I decide to keep all or a few items.
Overall, this Stitch Fix was waaaaay better than my last 3 fixes. I ended up keeping the Auden Grid Print Dress, which my $20 would go towards the purchase of any item, leaving me to pay only $48. If I didn't buy anything, I would lose the $20 styling fee. What do you guys think of my 4th Stitch Fix?

Last night we had bible study with my friends and I am always in charge of making dinner. I decided to make Lentil Chili. Oh my Gouda, guys. It's amazing!!! It tasted just like real chili, only yummier and healthier.

 So I'm not a big snacker, but when I stop by Trader Joe's I try not to walk by the chip aisle, why? Because I will buy all of the Roasted Plantain Chips aka monkey chips like N and I used to call them. So yummy! I can eat the entire bag, which is not that big by the way.
These are seriously the best! I can eat them all day long. I try not to buy them often, because I will eat the whole bag.
Well, that pretty much sums up my whole week. Lots of great things happening in my life at the moment. I have no one to thank but God. Even on gloomy days, I find beauty in the darkness. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day to all! God bless!

-Mrs. B

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