Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You make me feel like I've been waiting my whole life

I had an awesome weekend! Wanna read all about it? Good, cause I'm about to tell you all the fun things I did, beginning with Friday.

On Friday night, we went out to Fuzzy's Tacos on Vintage Park. It's not my favorite, I prefer Torchy's Tacos. But it was for my sister in law's birthday and that was the place she chose. I had beans and rice, which were ok, oh and a glass of vino, of course. Wine goes with tex-mex right? Good! I Got to see my 3 cute nephews and hung out with my in-laws. It was a great night.
Happy Birthday, sis-in-law! 
We went home and I got in my PJs. A few hours later, one of my best friend's told me she was hanging out with a bunch of our friends at Whiskey River and asked if I wanted to come. I don't see her that often, so I take whatever opportunity I can to see her. We've known each other for 8 years and she's an awesome friend! Love her! An hour after I got to WR, we decided to go to iHop. We were there till 4:30am!!! The last time I stayed up that late was like 3 years ago? I didn't even stay up that late for my birthday. We were just talking and reminiscing about the past. Time just flies when you are having fun.
We were celebrating this beautiful friend of mine's birthday! Happy Birthday, H!
Friends since 2007. Love you girl!
The next morning (well, I mean, the next few hours after I woke up) we got ready to head to RA sushi to celebrated my other best friend's birthday. Lots of birthday to celebrate in January! Now, I've known my friend Jill for 13 years. She's such a sweet, loving, and caring person and I'm so blessed to have met her when we were in 10th grade. 
I wuv you soooo much, Jilly bean!
Apparently it was a surprise birthday party for her and I ruined it...haha! I posted a picture on Instagram and she checked her feed 10 minutes before arriving and knew where she was going. Oops! It's ok though, I was forgiven haha! Sorry! Love you! 

The picture that ruined the surprise. Haha! Oh and how cute is my bangle that my SIL got for me for my birthday? I got so many compliments!

Why so serious, guys?

 I brought my camera, but forgot to take a picture of all the sushi we bought. There were a total of 15 people (and 2 cute little kiddos). Afterwards, we went to AMF for some bowling fun. That was also a surprise, so I was told NOT to post anything till after we were there...haha! So here goes a load of bowling pictures for you all to enjoy!
The big 2-9!
Now that's true love!

Huh? Haha!

Crazy kid!

One of these things does not belong... 

Ha! I love this picture of my Jilly bean!

Go Marcus, Go!
Yay to turning 29 and yay to me being 30 and wearing kid size shoes with velcro straps..haha! I have small feet.
Cute little family! And Robbert, photobombing
Happy 29th birthday, Jilly!
It's "pass the cute baby around," time!
The baby looks scared, but she wasn't. She was making cute faces!
Just keep on passing the baby around
Oh my! Haha
So cute!
Me and my velcro shoes. Cause I'm 5.

On Sunday, it was Super Bowl Sunday. The Seahawks and Patriots were playing. The patriots! Even though Danny Amendola, who was my classmate in high school, is one of their players now, I was still cheering for the Seahawks. Oh, I didn't tell you that? Yeah, he used to cheat off of my geometry homework. Haha! Shhh! He was a really nice guy. All the girls were gaga for him, except me...maybe, I can't remember. Oh and the reason why I was rooting for the Seahawks, was because I that's were the hubs and I got engaged at.

Watching the Puppy Bowl
Yum! Homemade Salsa Verde and pork ribs

My almost famous baked wings, cream cheese with raspberry chipotle sauce, and pigs in a blanket. Yum!

Jill's amazing queso!

Living the thug life...haha! Cutie pie!

Well, there ya go! That was my awesome weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week. Much love and God bless!

-Mrs. B

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