Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Light only shines to those who share

-The lyrics on the title are from Muse "Dead Inside" which I'm obsessed with!-

Today I had an appointment to see my fertility doctor for a required IVF class. Basically, they show you how to mix the vials together and how to inject them. The nurses were joking about how they should hire me to teach others how to inject themselves. Too funny! I agree, I'm definitely an expert in that department. To think that 3 years ago, before I started injecting myself, I was terrified of needles. Not anymore! So I was at the clinic for like 10 minutes. My nurse gave me my schedule and I cannot wait to start. I'm supposed to stop taking my BCP on Friday and I'll have blood work and ultrasound done to see what cycle day I'm at. The hubs will start his z-pack on the 26th and continue for the next 5 days. I'll start my injections on the same day as he starts the z-pack. Just looking at the schedule gave me butterflies. I'm super nervous and anxious. I have a permanent smile on my face. I need to remember to stay positive and let God lead me through this path because with out him, there's no way I could do this alone. 
My IVF schedule! So excited!

  Also, not sure if you guys remember me being excited about my 2nd hysteroscopy and tubal catheterization that happened on Monday. Well, it all went well! My doctor said my uterus and fallopian tubes were pretty clear and I had a little bit of blockage but they removed it. Oh and before I was giving the "goofy stuff" as the anesthesiologist kept calling it, the nurses turned on some tunes and started signing. I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of nurses and doctors helping me through this. I love that they have great sense of humor! Makes it easier on us TTC couples that already have enough stress to deal with. Any who, enjoy some random pictures!

Pre-op is fun! The weird shiny thing next to me was a heated blanket. So cozy!

The hubs being silly
He said he needed the goggles because he was grabbing an Avalanche. HA!
I found this Texas shaped cheese at HEB. Us Texans love anything shaped like our state!
I don't know if you guys know, but I don't like chocolate (gasp!) but these have been my favorite since they've been out...for ages! So yummy. TJ's you are the best!
This is my favorite hummus from TJ's. Yummy!
This is what I had for lunch yesterday and today. It's a Green Goddess Hummus Sandwich from Cookie and Kate Green Goddess Hummus sandwich recipe amazing!!!

Oh and before I forget, go check out my friend Kelly's blog at Happily Ever Mock I was her first guest blog! It was fun answering questions and writing a little bit more about myself...I promise I am not full of myself haha! Well, that's pretty much it for this post. Thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, and good lucks! I'll keep everyone updated on my IVF journey. God bless!

-Mrs Barker


  1. so excited for you! Again thank you so much for being my first guest post!