Monday, June 29, 2015

Something tells me that you're never gonna stop 'til you get what you want

I feel like such a kid waiting for Christmas to come around the corner. I've been counting the days till my embaby is transferred into my uterus. Never in my 30 years of life would I have thought of those words coming out of my mouth. June has come and almost gone. I seriously can't believe that we only have one more day and then it'll be July. Which means...only 16 days till my ET (egg transfer)!!! Well, first it's my embabies daddy's birthday in 9 days. He'll be an old man, the big 33 haha! No, he still looks like he is 19, but shhhh...don't tell him I said that.
Counting down the days :D

So something new that's been happening since Friday is that I started my estrogen patches and my estradiol pills to thicken my uterine lining. The side effects have been anything but fun. I'm basically on double strength estrogen, so the side effects are twice as fun...NOT! Now, you know I'm raw when I talk about my infertility journey so you should already know I will say it like it is. Some of the wonderful size effects I get with the patch and pills; diarrhea, no appetite, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and feeling tired. Sounds like I'm pregnant already, doesn't it? Woot! Haha! I don't really mind because I know I'm going through all of this for a good reason. I have to have a patch on my belly for 3 days and switch to a new patch every 3 days till my ET. The estradiol pills I have to take 1 under my tongue 3 times a day until my ET. I seriously have to have an alarm to remind me to take them or else I'll forget. Oh, I almost forgot! I am also pleased to announced that I will be on PIO shots (Progesterone In Oil) 5 days before my ET. Wait, did I say "pleased?" Hahahaha! Ok, I am not happy about this shots. I've only heard horrid stories about them and the hubs will have to inject them on my bottom...ouchie!
Cabbage patch baby haha

Took the pups to the park, but too hot!

My Christie and I at the pool with the kiddos.
I know I haven't really been active on both of my FB and IG accounts. There really hasn't been much going on. Oh, I have been hanging out with a few of my bestest friends. They've been so great by inviting me to the pool, out to lunch, and to just hang out at their house. It seriously has been keeping my mind busy. With that in mind, I have realized something through this journey, though. The friends that have been here for both the hubs and I through all of this are truly the best. Sad to say that I've lost a few "friends" on this crazy road, but I have become closer to others. Sometimes God just closes one door (or a few) and opens many others. I'm at the point in my life when I really do not have time to play childish games and you better believe that I do not care to be involved in drama. I have more important things to worry about. So, with that said, thank you to all you beautiful people that have shown nothing but love and support, whether it be by text, phone call, IM, commenting on my blog, or in person. We truly appreciate you all. 

We are truly blessed and so blessed to have one another. I love my hubs, can ya tell? 

But wait! I'm not done yet. You know I have to show you my favorites of the week...and here ya go!

Chobani has been my love for years!! But these "kids" yogurt...amazing! Especially both of the flavors are amazing. Yum!
Cause I am seriously 5 at heart. I love my regular Chobani, but these are delicious!
 Ooooh! Also, please tell me that I'm not the only that LOVES 4 Weedings on TLC. It seriously makes me either be a wedding planner or try to convince the hubs for us to have another wedding...maybe just a party where I wear a very pretty dress and all eyes are on me...muahahaha! Anyways, this show is cute. They need new episodes though cause I have pretty much seen all of them.
Beach wedding...really cute 
Ok, so the last time I bought a lottery ticket it was on my 18th birthday. My parents gave me $20 and I got to buy as many scratch offs a $20 can get ya. I think I won like a total of $60. Anyways, I had a few extra dollars after grocery shopping and bought this little beauty right here. I won $20!!! Woohoo!!! I'm rich!! Haha :D
I just needed one more $1k and I would've been a gazillionaire haha! I'm ok with the $20.
 Also, peaches are in season! "Working on a feeling, breaking down the ceiling, digging up a deep end, freezing on the beaches, reaching for the sweetest, sweetest peaches." Sorry, got distracted by the song by "In The Valley Below." I decided to make some peace cobbler. Yummy! Super easy and delicious topped off with some vanilla ice cream (sadly, it wasn't my Blue Bell ice cream...whomp whomp whomp). Mmm...I used to think I "hated" peaches, but boy was I wrong! I am in love with peaches <3

So, there ya go! May everyone have a blessed day <3

-Mrs B


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe July is already about here! Ok.. so,you either pinned or posted a recipe for bubble up peach cobbler the other day. I made it last night! And i just finished another serving for lunch, haha! I LOVE peaches too!!
    Still praying for you! Love you!!

    1. I know! I can't believe it either. Yes!!! I was soooo going to make that bubble up peach cobbler. I'm glad you liked it. So yummy! Peaches are the best. I miss you and love you! wish you could've flown down here with your parents. Thanks hun! You are seriously the best <3

  2. Hallie loves those yogurts too! Lol! Fingers are crossed, it's getting closer!!! Hugs!