Thursday, June 4, 2015

With my eyes on the prize not a thing to my name

Let me start off with how excited I am that my egg retrieval is literally around the corner! Eek! Well, it's more like an excitement and nervousness cocktail. Yes, I just described my feelings as if they were a drink...haha! So, there's really not much going on around the Barker house other than me given myself injections to make my ovaries explode. I mean...why didn't they tell me that each of my ovaries were going to weigh like 10 lbs each?! Seriously, every sneeze, every step I take, when I go pee pee (I am 5 and I was a nanny, remember. So I say Pee Pee), every little movement I seriously feel like I am 7 months pregnant. That's because I have more than 25 follicles as big as my, I'm exaggerating. They're pretty big though. I feel like a chicken about to lay a million eggs. Anyone want a dozen?

No one told me I would feel like I'm 3 months pregnant!! Yoga pants, you are a life saver!

 Ha! So yeah, that's what our life has been the past 2 weeks. Injections, medication, resting, doctor's appointment, blood work every other day, ultrasounds, fun fun fun! But I have to remember that this will all be worth it once I am able to hold my baby or babies in my arms. Oh yeah, I can't remember if I told you guys about me having a super high chance of having twins? Yeah, twins run in my family, my mom's side to be more specific. So with me having such a high rate of multiples, my doctor only wants to transfer 1...ONE freakin' egg...I'm kind of mad about just having one egg transferred, but I trust my doctor and he knows what's best for me. Especially since I have an incompetent cervix. I go back tomorrow for follicle measurement and more blood work and it a high possibility that I will inject my trigger shot tomorrow (trigger shot helps me ovulate so they can go inside with a needle and collect all 25 follicles). So 36 hours later, I will have my egg retrieval. I'm supposed to take it easy after my egg retrieval since they are retrieving so many and I'll be in a lot of pain, apparently. We'll see. I have a high pain tolerance...I think...So times are about to come our way! Get ready to read a lot of boring posts from me because I'll be bed are forewarned! Haha!

Ok, so here comes the time where I have nothing important to talk about, other than new foods I've found (Target, you're the best) and fun stuff I've done this past weekend. Enjoy the pictures!

Chobani always seems to amaze me with all the new limited batches they come out with. I bought these at Target. Both are delicious!! I went and bought like 4 of each...YUM!

This cool veggie cuts I bought at HEB (Sorry, HEB only exist in TX). I oven roasted these butternut squash zig zags and ate them with scrambled eggs, on a salad, and by itself. I just loved how cute the shapes were.

These two love each other so much. They take naps next to each other. It's funny to see Chief wanting to be close to Sarge. When we first got Sarge, it took Chief like a month for Sarge to warm up to him. Now they are inseparable.  
Sarge would bring his favorite rope to me and I would throw it for him to fetch. We played like that for 15 minutes. He was done and wanted to nap on top of my legs and with his rope next to him.

This was dinner last week. Buffalo Chicken Jalape├▒o Popper Casserole. Thank you Lanie! It was amazing!!! Recipe by Ruled.Me Go check it out!
 This past weekend, we met our friend Coby and Fran at Lone Pint Brewery in Magnolia. We actually met them at another brewery in Houston, Karbach Brewery. We got along so well and we exchanged numbers. So we always try to meet each other if we are around their area or if they are near us. They are awesome people. We decided to bring Chief and Sarge with us since we are selling our house and we wanted them around. They had such a great time! They got a lot of attention and lots of love, just a few of their favorite things in and treats come first, of course. Ha!
Chief wanted some Chicken Express

Sarge was just happy to be with us and maybe wanted some chicken as well.

"I'm cute! I want chicken and beer!"

"I'm freeeee!"

"But I'll stay close to momma and daddy. They feed me."
 After hanging out with our friends, we went back home and took a nap for like 45 minutes and then we went to the Pavilion to watch Matt Nathanson, The Fray and Train...I'm a Matt and The Fray fan. Train is ok...I prefer their old stuff. Like late 90s early 00s. It was raining and lightning, so they had to pause the concert after Matt played for about 45 minutes. We had to get under the pavilion and wait for the storm to pass. That didn't stop us though. We were so used to it raining at concerts, so we were like "Whatever! Let's get wet." I had so much fun and I think the hubs did too. 
Cheese! It's raining!

Hahahaha!!! I love him so much!

Why yes, that is a plastic bottle of wine :) 
The Fray!!! Eeek!!!!

Me and wine. Oh and I'm wearing my favorite shirt. It's a Blue Bell Creameries shirt I got when I toured their facility like 9 years ago. I miss Blue Bell...

Let's get this party started!!

"How to save a life!!!!!"

These extra hormones are making me crave things I usually don't crave! This stuff is amazing!! Thanks Kelly and Katie for the recommendation!

Sarge, he's a toy hoarder. He gets all the toys in one spot and if Chief tries to come near them, he growls at him...naughty, but so darn cute!!

Crockpot Maple Dijon Pork Chops for the hubs. He loved it!

Caught this candid picture of my hubs taking a nap with our Chief. He loves his daddy so much!

I think someone LOVES me <3 He fell asleep holding my hand. So sweet!

Happy national queso (cheese) day! I LUVS cheesos!) But sucks that I can't really have it cause I'm lactose intolerant and have PCOS...but I'm a rebel...muahahaha!

And that's all folks! I'll keep everyone updated with how my egg retrieval goes. I'll be resting it up in bed. If anyone wants to come and visit me, you are more than welcome to come by! I love visitors :-D Have a blessed rest of the week! God bless!

-Mrs. B


  1. Good luck girl! Praying for you! Ps I need some of that been and Jerry's like yesterday

    1. Thank you, hun!! Aww! I wish I lived 3 hours closer to you. I would've brought some to you ASAP :D Praying your toe heals fast!