Wednesday, June 17, 2015

You were my rock never my stepping stone

Well, nothing much has been happening on my side of the spectrum. I've just been laying around in bed with my fur babies and taking it easy per doctor's orders. If you remember, a week and a half ago, I had my egg retrieval. They froze 12 of my eggs for future use and fertilized 15. Out of the 15 egg, 7 became blastocysts, which means I have 7 embabies. Those were frozen for my egg transfer that will happen on July 15th. I was sad to hear that I couldn't go through the egg transfer a few days after my retrieval because I was high risk of OHSS. OHSS is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome that may occur after using injectable fertility medications that help with the growth of eggs in the ovaries. It's especially risky with women who are 35 and under (me), have PCOS (yep, me), or have had OHSS in the past (thankfully I haven't). I was bummed, but I know my doctor has my best interest at hand and I need to let my body be completely healthy before transferring an egg. Since I had 32 eggs retrieved, my estradiol value was 14,890 which puts me on OHSS risk. My nurse explained to me that the lining of my uterus was thinning and if they went ahead with the transfer, the egg wouldn't stick and I would get very sick and end up at the hospital....yeah, I'll wait...

So they told me to wait for my cycle to come, which it did 6 days later and Aunt Flow came with a vengeance. I've always had painful cycles, so it's nothing I haven't experienced before. I had an appointment yesterday to have blood work done and ultrasound to check on my uterus and ovaries. My levels are dropping which is what we want, but my ovaries are still swollen. My doc said they are the size of tennis balls right now. So the day of my egg retrieval, my ovaries were the size of wonder it hurt to walk, sneeze, or cough. Glad I'm done with that part. I was told to rest as much as possible, keep my feet up, and no exercise (which I haven't since we started to try again in February). So that's what's been happening for the past few days. Fuuuuun...FB, IG, interwebs, Hulu, Netflix, and cable have been my friend for the past week. Oh and my pups have been keeping me company. Also, I'm very grateful to my friends that have visited me. Especially one of my best friends, Sara for coming over to talk and play a game. Also, to my momma for making us dinner and my neighbor from Nigeria that is going to make me some delicious jollof rice and some fried goat meat...yum! Yes, I'm still a vegetarian, but when Aunt Flow is in town, I want meat...haha!

I'm kind of glad that my ET won't be till July. I got a little emotional because this month last year we were doing our 2nd IUI which is when I was able to conceived Jamieson. So it's hard thinking that if we did the ET and I ended up pregnant, my baby or babies would be due around the same date as J. In a way it would've been sweet, but I felt like it was replacing Jamieson's special date. God has a plan and His plan wasn't for me to have my transfer this month. So I'm relieved that it was postponed till July 15th. Oh, I almost forgot. It was postponed that long because the labs at my clinic close for a week on the first week of July and the earliest they could see me was on the 15th. It's perfect because I can plan my hubster's 33rd birthday. He's excited! 

Well, that's pretty much all I have for you beautiful people. I did warn you that I would be very boring...hey, I'm trying to grow a baby here, that's enough excitement for one person, haha! Here, enjoy some of my photos. Ciao!
This ultrasound machine and I have become really close, haha!

Guys, I was so bloated a week before my ER that this dress wouldn't zip and I looked 5 months pregnant. Finally, I was able to wear it. My bloat is going bye bye! Yay!

I have to keep hydrated and drink lots of gatorade but I'm not used to drinking gatorade. My favorite drink is water haha. My hubs bought me these frozen treats. Sarge really wants some. No, it's mine, little doggy!
The game that Sara and I played. Wasabi!

Wasabi! Such a cute and fun game. Thanks, Sara!

Oh and I finally learned how to fold a fitted sheet! Kelly, I'm a witch hahaha!

This is how bored I am, but I'm so proud of my witchery, I mean, talent :)

Sarge likes to sit on people...he's a funny dog.

My veggie sandwich on Ezekiel bread. Yummy!

One of my favorite teas, Iced Bhakti Chai blended with Toasted Coconut Almond 
 That's all folks! God bless!

-Mrs. Barker


  1. Bahaha, you are a witch! Lol! 😊 Still praying for y'all every night!

    1. Hehehehe! yes I am ;) Thank you so much sweet lady!! Love you!