Friday, April 29, 2016

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Hey all! So I am part of a bunch of foodie groups on Facebook and one of them, Nick's Local Eats & Foodie News group, had a contest to win dinner for up to 4 people. The dinner was at a new restaurant, Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, which is inside the Holiday Inn. When the hubs and I walked inside, we commented that this Holiday Inn was the first really nice one we've ever been to and we've been to many of them. Now, this place hasn't opened yet, so we got invited to have dinner to help train the staff, which is fine by me. So the contest was for dinner at a steakhouse, which everyone thought was hilarious, because i'm a Veghead...yes, you read that right, at a STEAKHOUSE. So the contest was to describe a steak in 3 words. Well, my description was "Taste Like Heaven." Honestly, I don't like meat, so I should've have posted, "Taste like death" haha. I was excited because I've never won anything and excited that my 3 guests were going to enjoy their meal, which they did.
Bottomless salad with a honey balsamic vinaigrette. I love salads, so this was very yummy.

The only vegetarian option they had was a Portobella Tortellini and it was delicious.

One of my 3 guests had the Crab stuffed Shrimp, which she didn't particularly liked cause they shrimp wasn't fried. 
The hubs had a sirloin steak and asparagus, which he enjoyed.

Another of my guests had The heart of Italy Trio. It was Chicken Parmigiano, garlic cream sauce and fettucinne, and a filet mignon. He enjoyed it as well.

They brought the dessert tray for us to choose from. Yum!

We decided to try the Raspberry Limoncello and it was yummy and refreshing!
We were honored to be one of the first few to try this new restaurant out. They have a few of their steakhouses in other states, but it's the first one in Texas.

After dinner, we got home and the hubs had to get his workout in. Gotta stay strong, ya know, haha! While he was working out, my alarm went off for my PIO injection. I didn't want to interrupt him but I didn't want to miss the time frame. So I did what a lot of my infertility sisters dare not do...Yep, I gave myself the injection!! I was so proud of myself! If you know me, you know that I've had a fear of injections since I was little. It wasn't until 4 yrs ago when that fear was no longer an option, yaaaaay infertility...So of course this was a huge accomplishment. At least now I know that I can do it incase the hubs isn't around. I guess when you really want something, you can conquer your fear. So go out there and face that fear!

Warning: If you don't want to see butt crack, do not press play! Haha! Hey, I'm being raw and open here. This is what infertility looks like, unfortunately. Also, I chose Ode to Joy cause that's how I honestly felt.

-Mrs. B

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