Friday, February 24, 2017

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

Well, hello there my beautiful readers. I've taken a few months off from the blog. Hopefully I'll be back to posting more often.

So as many of you know, we started our new treatment this February. The new treatment, to refresh your memory, is working with both my RE and an reproductive immunologist up in New York. I'm in Texas, so all communication between the two of us is through email. Let me tell you, it's been a whole month of stress because I've been going back and forth with both doctors. Trying to get prescriptions, the protocol, and then so much more. It hasn't been fun, that's for sure. This is infertility for y'all...

The new treatment consists of me doing IVIG (immunoglobulin infusions) once every 3 weeks. Just doing that is very draining. After doing the infusion which usually takes no more than 3 hours, I'm so tired and then feel so nauseous and get headaches. I didn't realize until a few weeks ago that they actually put Benadryl and tylenol in with my infusion. That's just to make sure I don't get an allergic reaction. I had no idea when I first went by myself. Afterwards, I drove home and I was seriously about to fall asleep at the wheel. It was so scary. The second time, I had one of my best friends drive me. I'm so glad she did cause it hit me hard on the way home. I got home and I seriously went to bed and didn't wake up until 7 the next morning. That was almost 13 hours of sleep. So my next infusion is next Wednesday and my lovely hubs is taking me. I'll continue doing the infusions until I have a good level of white blood cell count.

The other medication I'm on is Plaquenil...ugh...let me tell you about this "awesome" pill. Plaquenil is prescribed for people with malaria, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and a few other illnesses. I've been taking it for almost 2 weeks now and I guess it takes my body time get used to this new meds, but oh my gawd! The side effects are so not fun. I get headaches, nausea, vomiting, and no appetite. I've lost a few pounds just in 2 weeks. I have to force myself to eat. Well, and the hubs forces me to take at least a few bites of something. No fun at all.

I'm already taking 6 different types of pills, not including a few vitamins. I think I take about 9 pills twice a day. I take Metformin (1,000 mg twice a day), baby aspirin, Folgard (twice a day), prenatals, omega 3s, Plaquenil (yucky...twice a day), letrozale aka Femera, Gonal F (stims), of course Welbutrin (antidepressant), and Lunesta at night. Once I do my IUI, I will be back on Lovenox (a blood thinner injection, Endometrin, and Prednisone (corticosteroid). My poor body is so full of man made medicines. I am drained. I was glad I took those 7 months off of fertility treatments. I don't know how I've been doing this for 5 1/2 yrs, honestly. Just keeping my eyes on the prize and having faith in God and maybe a little wine haha.

Just a few of the pills I take twice a day. 

The other new medication I will be on soon is an injection called Neupogen. This injection is what chemo patients have to take since doing chemo lowers your white blood cell count. I'll be on this for the first trimester starting once I ovulate. The thing is, only one vial is almost $400. I will be needing about 14 vials. The total of all those comes out to $4,500. That's out of pocket because our insurance won't cover it since it's for fertility treatment and not a necessity. that's where we are now. Who has $4500 that just laying around?! No one! Unless you are a multi-millionaire haha. 

I've had many kind people asking if I they could donate money for baby Barker and even though I hate asking for money, I know that many of you are doing it out of the kindest of your heart and want to help and I can't say no if that's what you feel in your heart to do. So if you feel compelled to donate $1 or whatever you can, I'll provide my PayPal account info. 

I'm hoping that this fork in the road is just that, another fork. We've come this far and there's no way that something like money is going to keep us from hopefully having our baby Barker in our arms. Thank you all for being so supportive. It makes my heart so happy. I've been crying because I've received so many sweet messages and texts from friends and people I have never met, asking if they can help in any way. Thank you so so much and God bless you all <3

Momma Barker

P.S- Here's my PayPal - and I was informed to send it as a gift because if you send it the regular way, PayPal charges $0.75. Thank you again to you all that are wanting to help!!!

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